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Chirstmas card from 1906
Piotr Krupinski and his wife Jadwiga (Krupska) in 1906

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NOTE: All location names are as they were in 1912 and most likely have changed since then.
All people's names are spelled as found in family notes and could actually have different polish spellings.


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My grandfather Piotr Krupinski (now Krupinsky due to a mistake at Ellis Island) came to the United States in and around 1905 from the village of Smorkowo in what is now Belarus. At the time it was under Russian control. He was a simple Polish farmer in search of a better life. He was married to Jadwiga Krupska (from the nearby village of Rakszyce) and had 11 children. They settled their family in Springfield, Vermont, U.S.A which at the time was a mix of Polish and Russian immigrants. They both died before I was born so I never had the opportunity to talk with them or learn about where they came from.

The purpose of this site is to trace the history of my Polish grandparents family in Europe. I would like to locate any relatives or at least learn more about what became of them. Please contact me if you know anything.

This site is dedicated to their youngest son, my father, Edward Krupinsky and also to the people of the Polish nation who have endured so much tragedy. The world needs to know about all the terrible things that have happened to the Poles, and the Poles that went through it all need to know that people do care about what happened to them. Their story is very tragic, but an important lesson for history.

Recent Updates:
Updated information on Smorkowo and Rakszyce
Contact from family of Hellen Krupinska, photograph identified
Bronislawa Burak (nee Krupinska) NKVD arrest records received
Help build a website dedicated to Haller's Army - Polish volunteers in WW1


1915 German Military Map: | area around Wilejka | closeup of villages | map title |
1896 German Map: | closeup of villages | map title |

Note: If you interested in areas near these but not shown please contact me and I may be able to provide you with further scans from these maps

- View Ellis Island Record
Religion: Catholic - Parish: Olkowicze (OL'KOVICHI)
Born: 12/10/1875
Died: 03/23/1943
Village: Smorkowo
District: Wilejka [Vileika]

Julius(Juliusz), John(Jan), Bronka(Bernice?), Helen, Mary, Stasia(Stanisl~awa), Mechaleena(Michalina)

IIf you know anything about any of these people please contact me!

  • John (Jan) Krupinski - View Photo
    - Remained in Poland, married Emelia Krupska, had 2 boys, Aleksander and Mieczysalw
    - grew up in Smorkowo, but later moved to Rakszyce (where his wife was from and had a farm) and died in 1965
  • Mary (Maria) Krupinska
    - (married Jan Marchinkeotz(?kewitz))
    - lived in Smorkowo, had one son
  • Bronka (Bronisl~awa) Krupinska
    - married Jerzy Burak, had 4 boys Edmund, Edward, Julius & Harry, last known residence was in Blotniki
    - She and they boys were unable to leave to join him in the US when the 1917 revolution broke out
    - arrested 05 september 1937 by NKVD for "anti-Soviet agitation", sent to Komi region in Siberia
    - convicted 22 september 1937, executed by the Soviets 29 september 1937
  • Stasia (Stanisl~awa) Krupinska (dob ?1894?) - View Ellis Island Possible Record
    - Tried to come to the US, refused because one leg was shorter than the other.
    - married a Baranowski, had a son and 3 daughters (Herka (sp?) Apolonia (Pola), and Marysia)
    - moved to Gorzow Wielkopolski (Poland) in 1947
    - Stanisl~awa and her husband both died (dates unkown), fate of their children unknown
  • Julius (Juliusz) Julian Krupinski - born 10/20/1889 - View Ellis Island Record
    - came to the US and eventually settled in Kenosha, WI
    - had one son and two daughters
    - Julius lived to be 103!
  • Mechaleena(Michalina) Krupinska
    - Married to Stanislaw Akanowicz and they lived in the village of Kowale
  • Hellen Krupinska
    - Came to the US and moved to Kenosha, WI, where she married Stephen Krupski.
    - Had 3 sons: William, Jerome & Edward.
    - Died shortly after Edward was born from complications.
    - Stephen died 3 years later and the boys were put in St. Joseph's orphanage in Milwaukee, WI.

Edvika Krupska (Piotr's Wife)
EDVIKA (JADWIDA) KRUPSKA - View Ellis Island Record
Religion: Catholic - Parish: Olkowicze (OL'KOVICHI)
born: 1/15/1884 to STANLEY and CASMIRA / Kazimiera (maiden name STANKEVICH ? STANKIEWITZ ? STANKIEWICZ - died 1889, buried in Vilno) KRUPSKY, Vilno Poland
Village: Rakszyce
Arrived in the U.S. on April 27, 1912 at the age of 25.
Ship: Volturno from Rotterdam
Listed her home as: Selo Smorkowa, Russia


  • Thomas (Tomasz) Krupsky
    - Remained in Poland, married Anna Krupsky.
    - Anna and daughter last known in E. Germany ?? More information needed!
    UPDATE: Tomasz had a son named Wladyslaw, he married Bronislawa (maiden name unknown) and had 4 sons - names unkown.
    Resided in Rakszyce until his death. Bronislawa moved to communist Poland in 1946 with 3 remaining sons.
  • Barbara Krupska
    - Remained in Poland, eventually sent to Siberia by the Russians, fate unknown
  • Julius (Juliusz) Krupsky
    - settled in Springfield, VT, married and had 3 children

Help and Sources
Piotr Hapcar and his grandmother Leonarda Hapcar (who was born in Smorkowo and knew some of my relatives).
Elzbieta Wedderyn and Aneta Szymañska - long lost family members!
Jerry Choinska
* Michal Marciniak - a very big thanks to my new friend (and a Krupinski, not related as far as we can tell) in Poland
Tina Ellis - the Poland Border Surname website and mailing list- GREAT information and help

Konstancin Szastouski - Radzima Project - History and Culture of Belarus
** David Zincavage @ the Lithuanian Genealogy Mailinglist

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